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          Management attitudes have changed, and they in turn have changed
corporate cultures. Enthusiasm is not as common, and proposals of new
initiatives are now infrequent.
          It was the shock to all that the business world really is fragile and
not robust as believed. So today business management no longer has free
rein to spend on information technology with the pre-crisis notion that each
newly conceived project would bring in new profits.
          Most boards that guide corporations of every type and size have
understandably reacted over cautiously and mandated that management
slash their way to sustainability.
          Costs need to be cut in every department, and in every activity.
          But this rout has highlighted, like never before, the strategies of
successful business leaders. Their reaction to this new world order is not of
inward facing cost cutting to ensure bottom-line sustainability and cancelling
all initiatives, but to focus on top-line growth and use low cost innovation to
achieve it.
          These business leaders have strong boards that back them in their
quest to rise above the status quo and seize operational opportunities to
differentiate themselves from their lineup of competitors.
          They see this time of global recovery as one of huge advantage with
their visionless competitors holding back on hiring any technology enablers,
cancelling fertile business initiatives, putting project partnerships on hold,
and keeping their information systems tightly battened down until the world
is the same again.
          It never will be.
          Business leaders are reappraising their corporations in terms of how
they can utilise what they have right now, better. This is their definition of
successful innovation. It is not the familiar one of high expense and high
risk, but one of simply using their current people, partners, systems, and
information they now have better.
          We are a skilled enabling partner for such frugal initiatives.
          This is business innovation at its most fundamental level. Here there
are no vast budgets to be squandered over many years, but tight monthly
project timeframes to be met, and fixed cost modest budgets adhered to.
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Rather than just their
competitors' knee-jerk
reaction of inward facing
cost cutting, business
leaders are focusing on
top-line growth and using
low cost innovation to
achieve it.

Main points.

We are very different in
our approach to enabling

1. We prove that top-line
growth can be achieved
with low cost projects.

2. We believe that now is
the time for our clients to
outperform competitors.

3. We show clients how
they can do much more
with what they have now.

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