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          As a term with purely technical connotations it is easy to understand
why senior management views skills in this area as unneeded if they don’t
have a technical problem.
          No problem, no budget, no change.
          We hold a different view, a view where enterprise architecture is a
plan for the business, not for the systems.
          We believe that an enterprise can’t continue to grow and prosper
if its talented senior management comes up with potential market leading
ideas but doesn’t have the partner to evolve their current technology to
make them happen.
          This idea-to-action ability is critical in doing business today.
          And given that every business is now forever entwined with
technology this should be reason enough to stimulate senior management
to change to a technology partner that does the following.
          1. Takes the time to understand and also document the architecture
that each division relies on.
          2. Takes the time to understand and also document the architecture
that sits on top of each of the divisions that keeps the enterprise running.
          3. Documents the recent changes to the architecture, and those
scheduled to take place.
          4. Documents the age and expected longevity of vital software and
          5. Rates the functions of the enterprise according to their criticality
and fragility for business operations.
          6. Create a map of the architecture, along with a full schedule for
upgrading networks, servers, business software, custom applications, and
for hardening vital enterprise applications.
          Once we have completed all these tasks we know precisely what
changes need to be made, and where, in order to turn management's ideas
into business functionality.
          Our sameness competitors would have you think that flexibility
resides only in your systems. Our different approach, reveals that true
idea-to-action flexibility resides within the your technology partner, and it
is their skills that are all important.
          We makes things happen.
          With us as your partner, suddenly the previously distracting focus on
technology detail is gone, and management is free to concentrate on taking
advantage of changing market conditions, new opportunities, target new
customers, better service current customers, and also electronically link to
new partners for automated business.
          Technology is once again a tool for new prosperity not a constant
bottom line hindrance that is constantly questioned, and constantly under
scrutiny. Technology is once again a valued investment.
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telephone number is below should you prefer to call.


The messages of the
market would have you
believe that flexibility
resides only in your
systems, but we believe
that the true idea-to-action
capability resides within
the can-do skills of your
technology partner.

Main points.

We are different in our
approach to enterprise

1. We take market leading
ideas and then build the
enabling technology.

2. We focus on building
an understanding of the
potential capabilities of
the system architecture.

3. We believe that true
flexibility resides within
your partner, not your

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