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          With many competitors still in survival mode, and still inactive in
harnessing technology, those firms lead by far sighted business leaders
that have survived the crisis now want to ignite growth.
          They are in a hurry and have a new outsourcing agenda.
          Staff are again loaded up with activities to do that will earn profits,
tasked with creating new revenue streams, and mandated to overrun the
napping competitors. Staff are no longer just oiling the technology of the
          The support and maintenance that was done in-house during the
crisis to give idle staff work to do, and to conserve cash, is being handed
back to experts.
          A new breed of expert.
          The outsourcing experts retained now are not just service request
teams, but business and technically skilled individuals who work with their
client to ensure that the technology is performing at optimum every day,
and is also being evolved to a plan.
          We are such new support experts.
          These firms with a hurried focus on growth see outsourcing as an
affordable means to quickly drive business transformation.
          They seek support experts with the added skills of being strategists,
developers, and enablers. Experts who can be relied on to maintain the
technology behind the current business model, and be depended upon to
quickly evolve it as new opportunities arise.
          In financial terms it means significant savings as no new team of
solution experts is needed for new initiatives. They are already onboard,
and working.
          It also means that support contracts can be made that are highly
flexible in terms of tasks, pricing, and also linking to real-world business
          And return on investment is now not a low level set of combative
service level agreements, but rightly judged by senior management on
achievements made in business transformation innovation.
          So with our team on board, the monthly invoice is no longer a
begrudging cost of doing business, but an investment in continual system
          This new view of all outsourcing opens the door to all types of
collaborative projects. Projects where implementation is not halted while a
development company is negotiated with, or while experts are advertised
for, the project is simply added to our task list with a priority to start
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No longer is support
outsourcing seen as just
service request teams
waiting for new issues.
Corporations in this new
post crisis age want the
constant attentive skills
and expertise of both
business and technically
savvy experts.

Main points.

We are different in our
approach to infrastructure

1. We see infrastructure
support outsourcing as a
means to drive business

2. We see infrastructure
support outsourcing as
being able to very quickly
evolve a client's current

3. We support our clients
with skilled experts in both
business and also system

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