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          This new information age has bought about many transformations,
many are still revolutions in progress, and many others outside the usual
gambit of technology cause and effect.
          We feel that one of the effects that could not have been foreseen
is that both sides of a sale quickly settled down to defining expectations
          Users want the excitement of new ways to automate, new ways to
cut costs, new ways to reach markets, and new ways to communicate.
          Sellers want numbers. Monthly sales figures, new clients, as well
as dashboard customer support indicators.
          The two sides of the business equation could not be at more odds.
This time of misaligned expectations has delivered us a business model
that has ensured us of success. It is a client build model, and just like
technology firms were when the information age began we are excited
about the new ways businesses can do more each day.
          We have been remiss in our communications of our continual excited
state. Up until now we had little time outside of our daily client focussed
revolutions to talk to the world. And it did not help that our high technology
speak was not the business benefit speak that most senior management
          We have recently added skills in communication, and the repository
of leadership articles, and downloadable ebrochures will be linked from this
          Here we will muse about those topics that concern us most, and you
are invited to email or call with your own concerns or feedback.
          We hope that you will learn more about what the leadership issues
are that drive us.
          As we build this web site we will firstly feature and promote new
leadership articles on our home page. They will then be archived here.
The same with our ebrochures.

Leadership articles to read.

          'The true source of flexibility.' This enterprise architecture article
is in production.
          'Recognising a can-do firm.' This technology strategy article is in
          'Bridging business and data.' This application development article
is in production.
          'Reinventing top-line growth.' This enabling initiatives article is in
          'Building a tech savvy team.' This infrastructure support article is
in production.

Leadership ebrochures to download.

          'Not the same.' Weighs in at 488Kb.
Download here.
          'The infamous gap.' This ebrochure is in production.
          'Picketing the status quo.' This ebrochure is in production.

          For those keen to read about what we feel are the drivers in business
today, and want to be notified when there are new articles or ebrochures,
simply email us with your wish. Releases will be regular, but not prolific,
so you will not be blitzed. Unsubscribing from any further emails is easy,
simply reply to any received with your wish to desist. We understand that
your career role, team position, and technology interests may change.
          But we feel that our not-the-same musings will be of interest to all.
In the articles and ebrochures here we plan to offer both practical and
motivating instructions for business leaders as they seek to decide between
technology offerings, and technology offerers. No decision will be clear-cut.
          The links for our preaddressed emails are on the left, and our
telephone number is below should you prefer to call.


The exciting promises of
the technology age have
misaligned expectations on
each side of the user and
seller equation, for those
users seeking real gains
from their investment they
should seek out a firm that
is not the same as the rest.

Main points.

Our leadership musings
linked from this page will
fall into just two formats
of publication.

1. Articles that can be
immediately read, and
linked to in any emails to
fellow colleagues if you
think the ideas worthy.

2. Pdf format ebrochures
to download, and forward
to colleagues if you feel
the topic is timely.

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