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All the same.

          We are treated the same when it comes to laws and regulations.
They impact on all of us, and all we do. Browsing the pages of this web site
is certainly no exception. On our pages within this site we have mentioned
architecture, strategies, approaches, and methodologies that we employ,
which should really not be used as the basis for a do-it-yourself project.
          To ensure that both you and your enterprise are fully cognisant of
what can and can not be done under the due influence of our enthusiastic
rhetoric, listed here are the terms of a legal agreement between our web
site visitors and our company.
          By clicking through these pages, perhaps downloading ebrochures,
and interacting with other items of interest, you acknowledge that you have
read, and agree to be fully bound by both the laws of our country, and our
specific terms. If you do not agree, then do not continue your visit here this
day, or access it at any time in the future.
          Without informing you we may revise these terms of use and any
other information contained herein by revisions and updates. We may also
make changes to descriptions of our offering categories, and career listings
without notice.
          It is important to note that within these page are proprietary notices,
mention of our intellectual property, and copyright information, the terms
of which must be observed and complied with at all times.

Ownership rights.

          International copyright laws support our commonsense insistence
that no design, layout, wording, or imagery can be copied, reproduced,
republished, printed, or used in the production of part or whole derivative
works without our prior written consent. The happy exception is that we
give you permission to forward downloaded ebrochures to those parties
you consider would be interested and would benefit from our offerings,
and we also give you permission to publish links to our pages in your
          Under no circumstances may you mirror any of the content from
this site on another web site, portal, blog, or in any other media.
          This ban includes use by government, educational, and associations.
There are no exceptions. All such non-commercial entities must also seek
our prior written consent.
          Any non-compliance, intentional or not, with the terms and the
conditions for this site will result in automatic termination of any previous
written permission granted to you without any prior notice. Upon such
notification you must immediately destroy all copies of materials in your
possession or control.
          We do not grant you any express or implied rights under any
trademarks, service marks, copyrights, or other proprietary or intellectual
property rights. Any transgressions will be enforced, and the costs in doing
so sought from you. If you are in any doubt about your rights do seek our
written clarification. We treat all with uncommon respect.

Links between sites.

          If you consider our methodology worthy of promotion by association
then we thank you for taking the time to understand why we are not the
same, the links may be made without further consultation, but you are not
approved to do any of the following manipulations of our unique corporate
styled material.
          1. Nest any page with frames on your own page, or use other
techniques that alter in any way the visual presentation, appearance,
or layout design of any page within this site.
          2. Misrepresent your past, current, or future relationship with our
firm with any device for wording.
          3. Mislead with an incorrect partnership association, or imply that
our firm, or any of its directors or staff, approves or endorses you, your
web site, your service, or your product offerings.
          4. Present, promote, or display any negative commentary, false or
misleading impressions about our firm, or otherwise damage the goodwill
associated with our name, style, trademarks, or service marks.
          As a further condition on being given informal permission to link
to this site, you agree that we may at any time, at our sole discretion,
terminate such permission. In such an event, you will be informed in
writing that permission has been withdrawn and you agree to immediately
remove all links to this web site, and to cease using any reference to our
name, style, trademarks, or service marks.

Corporate liability.

          In no event whatsoever will our firm be liable to any person or
enterprise for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages
of any type whatsoever related to or in any way arising from this web
site or any use of this web site. This includes the use or downloading of,
or access to, any ebrochures, materials, information, podcasts, webinars,
and PowerPoint presentations including, without limitation, any incurred
time, lost profits, business interruption, or loss of programs, information,
or other data.
          This legal statement is current as at the time of the most recent
update, June 2010. Do return periodically here to review our latest legal
          The links for our preaddressed emails are on the left, and our
telephone number is below should you prefer to call.


Visitors to this web site,
and those using its content
are bound by both the laws
of our country, and also
our specific terms.

Main points.

The legal onus on all those
using this web site falls into
three main catagories.

1. Ownership rights.
2. Links between sites.
3. Corporate liability.

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