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          We are not the same when it comes to both the use and security
of personal information. Few firms realise that this topical notion is not just
a matter of mere soothing words, they are tightly bound by the Australian
National Privacy Principles. This is a framework of regulations that are clear
in their intent, clear in their deployment, and also clear in the penalties for
noncompliance. Our own standards are higher. Across all activities and
communications we are committed to fully respecting the privacy of your
personal information.
          In the normal course of business we hold personal information about
our clients, prospects, suppliers, and staff. This information includes names,
addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, and may also include
other personal financial information such as credit card and bank details,
and digital information such as login passcodes and email authorisations.
          We also hold information to enable us to contact clients and others
to inform them of services we provide, of updates to our offerings, newly
released ebrochures, and to maintain commercial records.
          Only our employees, and those carefully chosen to confidentially
perform services on our behalf, are authorised to handle or have access
to your personal information. All employees are also bound both by our
own Code of Conduct and by confidentiality clauses in their employment
agreements. Those who confidentially perform services on our behalf are
also bound by privacy and confidentiality agreements, and chosen for their
track record in this regard.

The usage guidelines for your personal information.

          We may use your personal information for the following tasks.
          1. To promote new services, or update your knowledge on current
          2. To conduct, and upgrade, our business processes which include
performing internal client administration and operations such as accounting,
risk management, record keeping, archiving, testing, and also staff quality
          3. To develop new services.
          4. To undertake business planning, research, statistical analysis,
budgeting, and business forecasting.
          5. To fulfil any legal requirements such as disclosure to regulators,
comply with court orders, or carry out directives from law enforcement
          6. In the course of providing our services we may disclose limited
personal information where it is necessary to our professional indemnity

The disclosure guidelines for your personal information.

          We will only disclose personal information where we are obliged to
do so by law, or where we have your express or implied consent.
          Where we do disclose your personal information to the very few
organisations that perform specific essential tasks for us, we limit this
disclosure to only the specific information they need to perform the task.
Importantly, we bind these business partners through tight contractual
arrangements to the same standard of privacy oversight as we uphold

The destruction guidelines for your personal information.

          We will take all reasonable steps to destroy personal information
no longer required in a secure manner, or remove all identifying features
from it.

The digital information guidelines for your communications.

          In the event that you have received an email from us then your
email address is either listed with us as someone who has expressly shared
with us your electronic address for the purpose of receiving information in
the future (opt-in), you have used a service provided by us, or otherwise
have an existing relationship with us.
          Should you wish to stop receiving our emails, or seek to focus the
emails on topics more specific to your interests, then simply reply to the
sender with your wishes. Such instructions will be immediately complied

The sharing guidelines for your digital information.

          In absolutely no circumstances will we ever share, sell, gift, or rent
your digital personal information records with anyone outside our business
operations, without your advance permission to do so, or unless ordered
by a court of law. Digital information you submit to us is only available to
employees managing this information for purposes of contacting you or
sending you emails based on your prior request for information, and to
contracted business partners for purposes of providing services relating
to our electronic communications with you.

The collection guidelines for your digital information.

          As active users of the internet ourselves, we understand that when
you visit our web site or perhaps interact with us online, the privacy and
confidentiality of your personal information in its digital format is very
important to you. And we thank you for your trust in this sensitive matter.
Your trust is justified, and we are committed to electronically safeguarding
the personal details you provide to us.
          Each time someone visits our web site, our web server may collect
the following types of information. It should be noted that our web server
is not collecting information of any kind at this time.
          1. The number of users who visit.
          2. The date and time of visits.
          3. The number of pages viewed.
          4. How users navigate through the site.
          In the future this data may be captured so that we can evaluate the
effectiveness of our web site navigation design, and page content for the
purposes of improvement. No attempts are made now, nor will they be in
the future, to identify anyone visiting our web site.
          If we start to collect information we will use the standard technology
called cookies. Cookies are small files of information which can be stored
on your hard drive (persistent cookies) or in memory (session cookies).
They can record information about your visit to our web site, allowing it
to remember you next time you visit, and provide a more meaningful
experience, by remembering personal preferences, if we program the
web site to do so. It is not currently.
          Contrary to common luddite misinformation, the cookies we send to
your computer can not read any data on your hard drive, can not obtain
any identifying information from your browser, or command your computer
to perform any action. They are purposely designed so that they can not
send any information to another site.
          If we do start using cookies at sometime in the future, you may at
any time turn off cookie usage in your browser. Your experience with the
pages of this site, or navigation between the pages, will not be degraded
in any manner.
          We may allow third parties like Google Analytics to collect statistical
data from our site. However their code also can not capture information
that can personally identify you. Recorded visitor statistics will simply be
used to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of our marketing.

The security guidelines for your digital information.

          When we capture your personal information electronically, like your
email address when you make an inquiry, it is passed through our secure
server using encryption technology which scrambles the information to
ensure it is protected over the internet. Our own inquiry email addresses
here are also encrypted.
          We can not guarantee the policies and procedures of any other web
sites that may be linked from our web site. They may or may not comply
with the same privacy standards that we do and therefore you should take
care to evaluate their particular privacy standards, and procedures as
needed. However there are none linked at present.

The accessibility guidelines for your digital information.

          The privacy of your personal information is a lawful obligation by
all companies operating In Australia. Under the Australian National Privacy
Principles you can lawfully enforce access to all the information we have
stored about you. You may request updating of this information, and also
its permanent deletion from our records, and archives. We are willing to
immediately act on any request.
          In line with our compliance program we will regularly review these
privacy policies to ensure they fully comply with the current regulations,
therefore the directives and measures on this page can be subject to
change. If this is of interest to you do return periodically to review our
latest policies. Feedback is also welcome.
          The links for our preaddressed emails are on the left, and our
telephone number is below should you prefer to call.


All personal information we
hold is handled and stored
in full accordance with the
Australian National Privacy
Principles and our own
guidelines which are fully
explained on this page.

Main points.

Our policy regarding your
personal information falls
into seven categories.

1. Usage guidelines.
2. Disclosure guidelines.
3. Destruction guidelines.
4. Sharing guidelines.
5. Collection guidelines.
6. Security guidelines.
7. Accessibility guidelines.

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