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          The aftermath of the financial crisis has many far-reaching forms.
One is the change in the past perpetual optimism of boards. All items are
now judged on hard financial merits.
          And so, many boards are now disappointed and dismayed in the
lack of results of their past massive spend on technology.
          They have come to the view that the technology they invested in,
and championed in past budgets, is not helping them weather the fallout
from the global financial crisis, new pressure on margins, and intensifying
          They also believe that all the technology enabled efficiencies have
been wrung from their operations. Further spend on technology, in their
minds, is simply out of the question.
          It is this boardroom pit of despair that we fill with the old style
sharing of a vision, skill, confidence, results, and quick returns on modest
          With our engagement the board will once again believe that their
technology platform can indeed be a source of innovation, and can once
again contribute to top-line growth.
          The rather less than endearing view of technology has roots not with
the board, or even their technology, but with the minimum effort deliveries
of big technology suppliers.
          They have learnt through the boom years they can make their
numbers without the extra effort of actually getting to know their client,
and installing anything but the most generic of business technologies.
          How we work with boards could not be more different.
          1. With their unique vision as a blueprint we adopt an overall
technology strategy that will set the corporation up for innovation in
each of its divisions for the next five tears of customising and innovation.
          2. With each new project we fine-tune the strategy to ensure there
is a single robust technology vision in place, not a hodgepodge of add-ons.
          3. We ensure that the current investment in software and hardware
is utilised to the full, with no proposals for extra spend unless they are
absolutely needed to complete the project. And even then only after we
have calculated that there will be a quick return on investment.
          4. Work to become seen as business experts, not just technology
          New clients will see the rewards of this different approach on our
very first day.
          The links for our preaddressed emails are on the left, and our
telephone number is below should you prefer to call.


We bring a can-do attitude
and also high skills to each
of our customers which
enables them to once again
see their large technology
investment as a source of
innovation which can again
contribute to their top-line

Main points.

We are different in our
approach to technology

1. We do not believe that
clients can be serviced
with a minimum of effort

2. We prove that big boosts
to efficiency do not need
more big spending.

3. We do not believe in
lazily installing the most
generic of technologies.

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