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          Amid the collapse of giants, and disappearance of once revered
global brands, there seems little we have gained, but there is a powerful
lesson to be learnt from the receding financial crisis.
          Those corporations that have confidently survived it and are
prospering now, while all others are simply recovering, have forward
thinking business leaders at their helm.
          These leaders are not held back by the lack of integration between
business and data, as they long ago recognised and successfully addressed
this infamous gap.
          Their own turning point came when that saw that data is business,
and that they are a data company. Simply put, the better they can use it,
the better their top-line growth.
          And while their competitors are focussed inward on recovering,
they view these times as ripe for an outward focus on increasing sales,
and building corporate prosperity.
          We have high skills and expertise in such custom application
development. As other boards begin again looking to the future they need
to heed our leadership arguments that information technology and the
data that courses through its copper veins is not separate from business.
          And that our different approach can forge astounding value from
their current systems.
          There are multiple reasons why these two have perpetually been
seen as unreconcilable, and perhaps the most basic is language. Data
people talk the language of technology, and business people talk the
language of commerce.
          For many boards, this is a wide chasm that they have inadequate
experience in bridging, are not sure of where to turn for sage advice,
and so put off tabling for discussion.
          But with a global recovery underway in many markets, now is the
time to finally integrate the two with the single worthy goal of building the
foundations for five years of prosperity.
          Perhaps there is no better opportunity for the board to show
leadership in aligning these two contrary assets for the benefit of the
corporation, and perhaps there is no better project for these two sets of
opposing executives to collaborate on than this. We can be the catalyst for
such an initiative, melding the business objectives of both sides, and then
building the applications.
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We ensure that senior
management is not held
back in its visions of what
can be accomplished,
by the lack of integration
between business and data,
we show what is possible
and then develop the
applications that finally
overcome this infamous

Main points.

We are different in our
approach to application

1. We assist management
with an outward focus to
build corporate prosperity.

2. We assist boards in
understanding that data
is business, and that they
are a data company.

3. We are able to put
forward far reaching plans
for business improvement.

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